Is someone you love facing an unplanned pregnancy?

Right now your daughter / son / student / youth group member is probably feeling very scared and confused. She (he) may have a lot of questions, and needs honest answers. She has turned to you, the adult she trusts most.

Stay Calm.

It’s not a time for rash decisions. It’s a time for support and careful consideration of all the options. The first alternatives that a young person in this situation might consider are terminating the pregnancy and becoming a parent. There are more than two alternative paths. Quite often, adoption isn’t seriously considered to be an option. People say it would be “too hard.” That’s where your love & support come in. She needs you now to guide her towards chosing what is best for her baby. Check the testimonials on this site and you’ll be inspired by women who have chosen this path.

Mother and daughter

It’s not just a decision between abortion and parenting.

As the trusted adult in this young woman’s life, you are in a position to suggest that adoption be seriously considered. We at Unplanned Good believe that it is the best alternative in many instances: it can save the young woman from the emotional pain of an abortion, avoid forcing parenthood on her at an early age, and result in the most beautiful blessing on a childless couple that would love to adopt. It can also be a beautiful gift to the child — a chance to grow up in a loving family who will meet his or her needs. We can help you find the information you’re searching for, so that you can decide whether adoption is the best choice for your loved one and her baby.

Each Situation is Different.

Only you and your loved one can make the final decision about what is right in this situation. But we know she’ll listen to you when you explain that it’s viable… and she might even feel so grateful to you some day for advocating this path. She might end up feeling that she made something very good of an unplanned, unfortunate situation.

In every community, there are caring people ready and willing to help you, people who work with women facing choices like this, who will understand what you’re going through and offer the support you need.

Unplanned Good.

There is no ideal outcome for an unplanned pregnancy, but, with your support, your loved one could pursue this path and turn her unplanned pregnancy into an outcome that fulfills the dream of a hopeful couple waiting to adopt. As you ask questions and gather more information about adoption, you will be better able to make decisions with your loved one about her baby.

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