About Unplanned Good

Our Mission

All too often, young women face unplanned pregnancies. When they do, they typically see only two choices: to become parents, often in their teens, or to terminate their pregnancies. It’s rare that they consider the alternative path – seeing the pregnancy through to delivery and placing the baby for adoption.

The mission of our organization is to promote adoption as a viable, reasonable option for those dealing with unplanned pregnancies, such that the result is good for all involved.

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Why this matters...

Studies have shown that girls are 50% more likely to see their pregnancy through and make an adoption plan when the adult in their lives suggests this path. Someone influential in the girl’s life — her Mom or Dad, her teacher or pastor — must plant the seed.

Most young women facing unplanned pregnancy choose between abortion and parenting because they simply don’t realize there’s any other alternative.


As an adoptive mom, Terri knows how fortunate she is to have her daughter, and also how very rare her story is. Not quite ten years into raising her daughter, she did some research and found that less than one percent of girls facing unplanned pregnancy choose adoption for their babies. Digging into the reasons why that is so, Terri conducted several focus groups in her home and discovered that most women facing unplanned pregnancy simply don’t realize that adoption is an option. They believe they must choose between parenting and terminating their pregnancy.

As a seasoned marketing executive, Terri has deep and broad experience in communicating a precise, value-based message to affect change. For over two decades, she has consulted to Silicon Valley companies and led their strategic marketing and communications efforts. (See MarketSavvy Inc.)

She founded Unplanned Good to promote adoption as a viable option for women facing unplanned pregnancy. This is in response to contemporary beliefs in our society that young women have only two choices; abortion or parenting.

Unplanned Good was founded to promote adoption as a viable option for women facing unplanned pregnancy.

Getting the Word Out Through…

  • our web site, which contains inspiring stories about the beauty of open adoption from the point of view of adoptive parents, adopted

  • people and women who’ve chosen adoption for their babies,

  • our monthly newsletter, which has gone out on the 10th of each month since 2009,

  • speaking to local and regional groups to raise awareness about adoption,

  • partnering with the local Pregnancy Medical Clinics who refer interested clients to our site to learn about adoption.


BirthMom Buds
Real Options Pregnancy Medical Clinics
Various adoption agencies


Our founder is an adoptive momand a marketing professional. She has created several multi-faceted marketing campaigns over the course of her 25 year marketing career. Terri and her board believe that a national campaign could raise awareness about adoption as an option.

On our board we have:

  • a birthmother who placed her baby for adoption when she was 17 and is now a social worker.

  • a mom who is also a connections Pastor at a local church,

  • an adoptive father who is passionate about adoption,

  • an adoptive mother who loves her daughter’s birthmom almost as much as she loves her own daughter.

We are all passionate about this cause and confident about the need to build a campaign to get the word out.

Adoption IS an option.