With adoption, you have choices.

You get to make the most important decisions:

Choose the adoptive parents according to your preferences of faith, occupation, race, work situation, education, and current family situation. There are SO many couples waiting to adopt, that you get to call the shots.

Choose open, semi-open or closed adoption. Since you get to choose and meet the adoptive parents, you can discuss what happens after placement. Most people are okay with open adoption (to some extent) now because they realize that more openness means less secrecy and more answers for curious kids as they grow.

Wonder if adoption might be right for you and your baby? If you:

  • are uncomfortable with having an abortion yet aren't ready to parent,
  • want to provide your child with a 2-parent family,
  • want to provide your child emotional and financial stability for many years to come,
  • want to be instrumental in the miracle of family. Know that you are giving THE greatest gift these two people ever hoped for, parenthood.

Open Your Heart - Read the stories

The personal testimonials of others who have walked this path will amaze you. You’ll see that their parents did not disown them, the world did not come to an end, and many birthmothers who’ve chosen this path actually look back on it without regrets. Instead they have the satisfaction that, through their courage, some good actually came from an unplanned pregnancy.


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